40 MB Speed Limit For Landline and ADSL
Unlimited calls* / Alo Unlimited offer
WIFI extender for 3JDs/ month
Offer Name Local & National Minutes Fixed to Mobile Minutes International Zones at Discounted Rates Value Added Services
Alo Unlimited Unlimited * 1000 Flexi* 4 zones
Free caller ID and call forwarding services


Offer Notes

Additional Services

  • Business Wi-Fi extender for JD 3/month, for a period of 24 months.
  • Static IP service can be added for 100 JD/year (can be added as instalments on top of monthly fees ).
  • Camera surveillance service is available on instalment basis ( click here for more info )
  • Upon customer request : Alcatel Delta 180 Trio at 9.9 JD for all offers
Extra benefits
  • A fair usage policy applies (11,000 minutes).
  • Flexi minutes can be used to call 9 international destinations ( USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Malta, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and China).
  • All prices are tax excluded.
  • This offer is subject to subscription fees or migration fees.