Available models of 2MP & 5MP
The package includes 4 cameras
DVR :8 Ports
1 TB HDD storage
Night Vision
Mobile App
Easy installation
Prices are subject to 16% sales tax
Superior After sales service
Evidence easily retrieved
Remote Monitoring of your property
Low maintenance system
Low price -High quality
Get one of the following packages with the
Available installment offers
Commitment period 2MP packages
including installation 50M*
5MP packages
including installation 50M*
Price without commitment mp2-0 mp5-0
With 1 year commitment mp2-1 mp5-1
With 2 year commitment mp2-2 mp5-2
  • Installation fees: for above 50 meters varies in cost, it depends on the length and some other measurements.
  • Installment offers: Available with Business Fiber, ADSL & Business everywhere.

Does it include installation ?

Yes it includes installation of the cameras with installation material cable of length 50 meter. You can buy extra cable if needed.

Can I assess the cameras though my mobile ?

Yes once the DVR connected to the internet you can access it anywhere.

Can I change camera from indoor to outdoor ?

Yes without any extra charge

What is the name if the application ?

DMSS on android and IOS

Is the APP Free ?

Yes it free.

Duration of the recording ?

Two weeks.

Can I have more time for recording ?

Yes only have to replace the Hard Disk with larger size i.e. 2TB

Is there a display with the offer ?

No you can connect it to your current TV.

Can I add Cameras ?

Yes you can up to 8 Cameras

Can I mix 2MP with 5MP ?

No the DVR has to change.

What is the warranty ?

Twelve Months.

How many users can access ?


What is the Resolution ? What is the difference between 2MP and 5MP ?

2MP and 5MP, 5MP is higher resolution which mean the image of the face has more details.

Can it get license number ?

Depends on the installation if 5MP will have better chance.

Day and Night and Full Color ?

Day and Night it becomes Black and White while full color it remains colored image.

Is the system Wireless ?

No it is Wired more reliable.

Does it consume a lot of electricity ?

No it is very minimal. .

How long does it take to install ?

2-3 hours.

Can I move the Lens ?

No it is fixed.

Is it Weatherproof ?

Yes IP 67