25 GB
Unlimited Local calls
Unlimited SMS*
Data bundle (GB) Peak bundle
Monthly Fees (JD) 10
*Minutes to Orange mobile 30,000
*Minutes to other networks 3000
Minutes to Ooredoo Palestine 1,000
Local SMS 3,500
Data (GB) 25
Extra net(GB)* 10
Stay Connected(GB) 6

Offer notes and extra benefits

10 additional GBs to keep you connected

Always on is designed to keep you connected giving you free access to the internet at a reduced speed once you consume your entire data bundle.

Missed Call Alert (CLI+)

To activate Missed Call Alert service for free dial *130#. This service is free for this line. Upon migrating to other offers, the service will no longer be free and you will be charged for the service fee, to deactivate the service dial *130#

Follow Me Service

We at Orange, acknowledge that changing your number is hectic, but it is now simple with Follow me FREE service from Orange, as we handle informing your callers of your new number.

To activate the service:

  • From your old number dial *21*the magic number#
  • From your new number dial *444*old number (07XXXX XXXX)#

You will receive a confirmation SMS from 99115

After activating the service, whenever a caller tries to contact you on your old number, he will hear a voice message informing him that you have changed your number and will also receive an SMS from your new number. And you will be notified by an SMS on your new number.

To unsubscribe from the service, dial *444* and choose number 2

You can choose your magic number from the below list, noting that the last digits will be as per your choice:
077 68990XX
077 68991XX
077 68992XX
077 68993XX
077 68994XX
077 68995XX

Emergency Credit

Fees (JD)1
Minutes to Orange mobile30,000
Minutes to other networks15
Local SMS15
Data (GB)0.5
Validity (days)3

You can benefit from the extra bundle once a month by dialing *606#

Private Number (CLIR)

Private Number (CLIR): because we value your privacy we provide you with the private number service to be able to hide your number from appearing when making calls, this service is free for all Prepaid Business Lines.
To subscribe or unsubscribe, dial *131# and follow the instructions.

Bundle Renewal

After 6 Months of continuous recharge of your line, you can renew your subscription without paying upfront and on your next recharge the amount will be deducted
To benefit from this feature dial *152#

Extra bundles

Additional mobile internet bundles
Do you need more data? Select one of the new simplified mobile internet options by dialling *777#

  • 1 GB valid for 1 day for 1 JOD
  • 3 GB valid for 7 d​ays for 2 JOD
  • 5 GB valid for 30 days for 3 JOD
  • 10 GB valid for 30 days for 5 JOD
  • 30 GB valid for 30 days for 10 JOD
ServiceOut of bundle rate
Flat rate to all local operators2 piasters /minute
Data MB20 piasters/MB
SMS3 piasters/SMS

Data Carryover

Data carry over to the next month. You can benefit from a percentage of the remaining data of your bundle through *777#

Important Short Codes

  • *200# to select your desired offer
  • *155# to check your balance and remaining bundles
  • *152# to renew your subscription at any time
  • *165# to check additional internet bundles

Tikram Rewards Program

Keep renewing your subscription without any interruption to benefit more from our Tikram program.
With these prepaid lines you will be doubling your points every 3 months given that you renew your subscription on time.
You will be rewarded the following Tikram Points every 3 months:

 After the 3rd MonthAfter the 6th MonthAfter the 9th MonthAfter the 12th Month
Tikram points60606060

How to benefit from your Tikram points? You can redeem your Tikram points at our shops or at any of our partners to pay for the service or product you are buying. Know who our partners are and learn more about Tikram Loyalty Program at


Extra Net

Customers will be granted incremental additional GBs on monthly basis on their main data bundle once they renew their monthly subscription on time or before due date (Early renewal). Each time the customer proceeds in the renewal/early renewal action; the customer will be granted an increment of 1GB to the main data bundle; with a maximum cap of as per each offer in the table.

Note: Prices above Exclude Taxes. Tax split applies for all the above offers. Contact us