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It is the service that provides you with the ability communicate with your loved ones across Jordan and abroad through your landline telephone. It is also the service that serves as the foundation of your ADSL internet lines.

A) Strong reception and stable coverage across the Kingdom
B) Affordable rates for local, national and international calls
C) The base of having an ADSL connection

Yes, we have designed a number of offers to meet your different communication needs and habits; whether the majority of your calls were local and national or international

Alo Unlimited, for more information click here
Alo Fixed 1, for more information click here

Yes, this offer is subjected to One year commitment .

No, you do not have to pay any setup fees to install your fixed line and it is totally free.

Yes, to set up your fixed line service you have to pay a deposit and the fee differs upon the nationality of the customer.

7.5 JOD in case of not activating international calls , 15 JOD for the whole package.

25 JOD In case of not activating the international calls, 50 JOD for the whole package.

Yes , you can subscribe to any of the services listed below to get a better experience on your land line
- Voice mail (Free)
- caller ID
- Call waiting
- Call forwarding
- Call barring
- hotline
- Three way conference
- Abbreviated dialing
- Do not disturb
- Wake up call

You can choose either 1 or more services at once and the subscription fees is highlighted in the below table:

number of services monthly fees (JD)
1 0.66
2 1.10
3 1.50
5-9 2.00

Service provides you with the ability to listen to recorded messages left by caller while his call was not answered.

Receive your calls when you are busy or unable to answer your call
- Capacity to receive 40 voice messages
- Ability to keep non-played messages for up to 28 days
- Ability to listen, erase, save, reply and transfer the messages that callers have left to you on your fixed line phone
- Ability to save the time and date on of the incoming voice message
- Receive a phone call to inform your about new voice messages in your inbox; you can receive the call on your main number or on an alternative number
- Ability to secure your voice mail messages with a password that is required to be entered when you are accessing your voice mailbox from another landline phone

- Dial 1444
- Dial 1 for Arabic or 2 for English
- Follow the instructions given by the automated operator to enter your password
- Enter your 4-6 digits password followed by #
- Enter your password again to verify followed by #

The Voice mail service Will be canceled if it is not used for two months , If you need to reactivate it you will need to subscribe to the service again whether by visiting one orange shops or contacting customer care on 1214.
When requested to enter your number you will need to enter 9 digits , example ( 06-xxxxxxx) Your password can be (4-6) digits .
You will need to use the password only when you access your voice mail from another phone.

Through calling 1444

Dial 1544
Enter your telephone number 9 digits
Enter your password followed by #
* The price for remote access is 2 piasters / minute.

If you use the call forwarding service, you will not be able to receive any voice messages on your voice mail.

This service allows you to know the callers number, in case you don’t want to reply, the voice mail will open after 5 rings.

Yes, since this service allow you to talk to two parties simultaneously, in case you don’t want to answer another call the voice mail will open after 5 rings .

Press 2 for the personal voice mail options menu .
Press 2 to change your password.
Enter your new password ( 4-6 digits ) then press #.

With our caller ID service you can get the benefit of knowing who is calling you on your landline telephone and the option of answering or not. Never worry about missing a call again.

As you engaged in a call on your landline, you can receive another incoming call with a simple click of the “Flash” button on your telephone. A tone will sound to alert you that there is someone on the other line

Continue to receive all your calls by diverting your calls to any local, national or mobile number. Our call forwarding service gives you the benefit of not missing important calls made to your land line anymore.

- To activate dial: *21* the number to divert your calls to #
- To deactivate dial: #21#

With Missed Call Alert service lets you know all your incoming calls when your mobile is switched off or out of reach so that you will receive an SMS containing the caller’s number along with the date and time of each call.

  1. Dial *130# and follow the instructions.
  2. end "sub" or "register" to 97787 - 6 piasters/SMS.


Send "yes" or empty SMS to 97787, price 6 piasters/SMS.

How to un-subscribe

  1. Dial *130# and follow the instructions.
  2. Send " unsub " to 97787 – 6 piasters/SMS

Missed Call Alert service is available in both Arabic and English languages

To change to Arabic language
send "ALERT LANG A" to 97787 by SMS

To change to English language
send "ALERT LANG E" by SMS to 97787

Price 6 piasters/SMS

You can divert all incoming MCA messages to any mobile phone in Jordan for free!

When your battery is running out and still want to know all incoming calls, you can divert incoming MCA messages to any other mobile number.

You can send a greeting message to anyone who calls you when your mobile is switched off or unreachable.
Set greeting message on Send "ALERT GREETING" followed by the greeting message that you want to 97787.
Switch off greeting message Send "ALERT GREETING DEL" to 97787
Price 6 piasters/SMS.

show the mobile as turned off status: *21*142*#

cancel the status dial: #21##

You can dial *131# and follow the instructions

You can dial *131# and follow the instructions

No, your number will never appear on the screen of the people you call unless you decide otherwise through mobile settings

Call barring allows you to manage preventing the incoming and outgoing calls, It can be applied to the following types of calls:
1- Outgoing local, national and international calls
2- Incoming calls
3- Incoming calls when roaming

You can call 1777 to check if the service is active on your line, then go to mobile setting to activate the service on the handset

Please call 1777 to give you the way of activating the service

You will be charged for all calls you forward to other numbers (depending on the number you have forwarded the call to and its duration)

No you are not charged for forwarding a call to Voice Mail.

No you can't forward a call to an international phone number.

There are 4 types for Call Forwarding:
1- Call forward when no answer
2- Call forward when busy
3- Call forward when out of reach
4- Unconditional call forward (all incoming calls are forwarded)

Up to 3 persons can use this service at the same time.

A service that allows the customer to talk to a number of other parties at the same time, it is activated for all customers by default.

It depends on your phone, if it supports this service then you can.

Anghami app is an application that allows access to millions of Arabic & International songs that can be enjoyed on the go.

Anghami has Ads, limited listening time, no offline access, limited skips and no downloads

Anghami Plus has no ads, unlimited listening time, offline , unlimited skips and ability to download

Some offers get Anghami plus for free (check your offer page to know if you are one of these offers).
If you do not get Anghami plus for free, you can dial *110*2*2# and follow the insructions.

My Status is a new inovative service, where you can write a status and have it appear on your caller’s screen when they call you! The status you set will appear to everyone who calls you.

By sending an SMS to 97700:
Weekly subscription: send status W to 97700
Monthly subscription: send status M to 97700

My Status subscription cost JD0.35 per week or JD 1 per month

You can hide or unhide your status from everyone by sending Hide status to 97700 or Show status to 97700
You can change your status twice a day for Free, any extra changes will cost JD.10

My Orange is a mobile secured self-care application that offers a personalized account management experience for Orange Jordan mobile customers. It allows customers to check their credit balance, recharge their account or the account of a friend and manage Orange services subscriptions.

Yes it is free on the data network

No, you have to use the data network

Dandana is a service that allows you to change the traditional “TOOT TOOT TOOT” ringback tone and let your friends enjoy our newest tones.

You can either add one tone for only 0.20JD per week, or if one tone is not enough for you, we created a MUSIC BOX with 3 preset tones which will automatically shuffle every time your callers try to reach you for 0.50JD per week.

To add your tone, simply call 090090900 for free or dial *949# or visit Dandana website.


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