My Orange application is dedicated to Orange Jordan customers under Edge/3G/4G network coverage. My Orange is a downloadable application for personal account management, which allows customers to understand and manage their account details from their smartphone, obtain help and support and discover more about Orange universe through 3 sections (Arabic language is supported): - Account Management: consumption follow up, top-up credit, subscribe/unsubscribe bundles and Friends & Family management. - Help and Assistance: Frequently Asked Questions, Orange Shops localization and Orange customer care contacts. - Orange Services: promotions, other Orange applications, value-added services. Additional services may be available and are described with more detail on the applications store on which My Orange application can be downloaded (App Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry World). Google Play Store, Blackberry World

1.ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR USING MY ORANGE The customer must acknowledge and accept the following My Orange restrictions of use: - the OS (Operating System) version installed on customer’s smartphone must be compatible with My Orange application, i.e. iOS 5 and higher; Android 2.2 and higher; Blackberry OS 5 to 7. The list of compatible smartphones OS can be found on the applications store when downloading My Orange application; and\n- the customer must be provided with an Orange SIM Card; and the customer must have subscribed for a mobile access offer (voice and data access) with Orange Jordan and, therefore, must have accepted the terms and conditions of this Orange mobile access offer. .
2. ORANGE COPYRIGHT Orange Jordan declares that it holds the distribution rights of My Orange application. These Conditions of Use do not confer any intellectual property right to the customer over any component whatsoever of My Orange application. All the rights of reproduction, representation, adaptation or modification other than those granted by these Conditions of Use are strictly reserved

3. CUSTOMER'S RIGHT OF USEThe right to use My Orange application is strictly reserved for Orange Jordan customers. Free of charge and may not be sold or be the subject of any business transaction other than initiated by Orange.The customer is granted a personal, nonexclusive and non-transferable right to use My Orange application on one or more smartphones. The customer undertakes not to copy, modify or adapt My Orange application or any of its components..

4. CHARGE OF DATA CONSUMPTION Navigation within My Orange application is free of charge - except for: - downloading My Orange application;\n- being located (using GPS) in order to locate Orange stores around the customer location (the location feature is not available in roaming mode); - using My Orange application in roaming mode. The download of My Orange application is possible under WiFi coverage (excluding any cost of connection). Under Edge/3G Orange network, the downloading traffic cost is deducted from the customer’s data plan or pay per use session. When being located via My Orange application, data charges apply and are deducted from the customer's data plan

5. Privacy Policy 
5.1 Usage Data Collection for statistical analysis My Orange application collects information on the use of the application and sends us such information for statistical analysis to further improve the application and the related service. All collected information is completely anonymous and is not associated with the user. Such information is collected and processed in compliance with applicable laws. It will not be used for any other purposes than improving the application and the related service. Any personal data are NOT collected. If you do not want any usage data to be collected, you can deactivate this functionality, at any time, by going in the application settings.

5.2 Orange Commitment 
5.2.1 How do we use your data? Personal data sharing Orange is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal data used by you application. Orange also prohibits itself to communicate with partners personal data without informing you and without offered you the opportunity to exercise your opposition right. Personal data use Orange uses your personal data to authenticate you, provide services and, if necessary, propose offers adapted to your needs. Orange may use your personal data, previously anonymized irreversibly, for statistical analysis. Personal data retention Orange doesn't retain your personal data longer than necessary or longer than foreseen by the law. 

5.3 PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY My Orange application collects and processes the customer’s phone number (also called “MSISDN”) that is strictly necessary in order for Orange Jordan to provide the service available through My Orange application, as described at the beginning of these Conditions of Use. In particular, Orange Jordan collects and processes the customer’s phone number for the purposes of carrying out the authentication of the customer and providing the customer with all information related to his voice and data consumption and offers. Moreoever, My Orange application makes available a location feature (using GPS) in order for the customer to locate Orange stores around his location and be provided with information relating to such Orange stores (e.g., their address, phone number, location on a map, opening hours). An information notice is displayed to warn the customer when accessing the location feature and the express consent of the customer is required prior any location. The text of the information notice:
 5.4 Caution! "Using this function will be charged as per your normal rate of the data consumption of your offer. Do you wish to continue? (Confirm/Cancel)". This information is collected and processed in compliance with applicable rules on personal data and privacy. It will not be used for any other purposes than the purposes described in this section “Protection of Personal Data and Privacy”. 

6. EXTERNAL LINKS TO THIRD-PARTY CONTENTS AND/OR SERVICES My Orange application may include links to (i) mobile applications or (ii) sites on the internet, which are edited or operated by third parties. The customer agrees to review and agree to any such mobile application or sites rules of use before using such mobile applications or sites. The customer also agree that Orange Jordan has no control over the content of any such mobile applications and sites and cannot assume any responsibility for material created or published by such third party mobile applications and sites. In addition, a link to a non-Orange mobile application or site does not imply that Orange Jordan endorses the mobile application or site or the products or services referenced in such third party mobile application or site.Orange does not share or sell data with any third parties

7. RESPONSIBILITY The customer releases Orange Jordan from any liability for My Orange application failing to function, or malfunctioning when any of the restrictions mentioned in the \"Eligibility requirements for using My Orange\" are not fulfilled. Furthermore, the parties expressly agree that the following type of damage and/or injury do not give rise to any compensation from Orange Jordan, that they were reasonably foreseeable or not: loss of profits, business interruption, loss of revenue, loss of customers, damage to image and loss of data.
8. TERM OF CONTRACT – TERMINATION These Conditions of Use will apply for an indefinite period from when My Orange application is downloaded onto the customer's smartphone. Furthermore, My Orange application will be terminated by Orange Jordan upon Orange Jordan’s sole discretion if the customer does not comply with the restrictions described above 

9. CHANGE Orange Jordan reserves the right to vary My Orange Application Terms and Conditions from time to time, such variations becoming effective immediately upon publishing the varied My Orange Application Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use My Orange application, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the updated My Orange Application Terms and Conditions

10. GENERAL PROVISIONS These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Jordan. In the event of dispute, the two parties will endeavor to find an amicable agreement. Failing this, and in any measure permitted by the applicable legislation, the parties acknowledge the relevant courts of Amman, Jordan. These Terms and Conditions may under no circumstances be transferred, either partially or wholly, for consideration or free of charge. If any of the stipulations of these Conditions of Use are held to be void, or not applicable, said stipulation will be considered not to have been written and will not cause any of the other stipulations or compensation to be void." Orange Help If necessary, your application provides this email address to answer your question :