The Fastest Internet and The Best-Quality Calls
Over a Reliable Mobile Network

Orange is a leading mobile services company in Jordan.
Providing robust coverage across the Kingdom, Orange is dedicated to meeting customer needs and enabling crystal-clear voice call services and the fastest data download speeds. Thanks to the multi-layer technology, the download speed can reach up to 250 Mbps, allowing users to download content faster and enjoy the best video, online gaming, and streaming experiences.
How to make a call?

When you make a call, your handset converts your voice into radio waves that race through the air at the speed of light until they reach the nearest Orange tower.

Each tower covers a specific area. It transmits and receives radio waves and connects callers to other phones and networks.

All the towers in Jordan connect to the core network, which controls and routes our services.

Covarage Map
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The 4G+, 4G, and 3G networks
By Orange Jordan
4G+ is an evolution of the 4G network that responds to the development of mobile Internet usage, especially streaming video at high quality, speeds reaching 250Mbps, 4G + is an aggregation of several 4G frequency bands in order to benefit from even more flow. Discover more
The fourth generation of mobile networks. It supports high data transfer rates, with very high speeds reaching 75Mbps, enabling streaming movies, playing gaming …etc. using 1800MHz, 2600MHz and 900MHz bands.
The third generation of mobile networks. This technology had an evolution in data speed reaching up to 42 Mbps, allowing video calls, video conference and streaming services, using 2100MHz band.
Orange Jordan network covers all the main locations and hot spots in Jordan.
Orange Jordan is always proactive in developing mobile services and in response to the increasing number of customers, as well as tailoring those services to meet their needs.
Keeping up to date with the latest technology features to lead the voice and data mobile network market with the best voice quality and high data speeds
Discover our future services

VoLTE (Voice over LTE/4G) is a service that allows you to make calls via the 4G network. Before 4G, calls were made via 2G or 3G networks.

What does that mean for you? Better sound quality and a faster connection. You can simultaneously call and browse the web at 4G speeds using mobile internet on your smartphone.

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