Djingo the digital assistant from Orange

Djingo is the very first digital telecom assistance tool in the region, it is a smart Chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which will help provide Orange Jordan’s customers with real-time information about its offers, services and products, as well as assist them at all times.
You can connect with Djingo on Orange Jordan’s Facebook Messenger. It offers you many unique features, most notably Djingo understands both English and Arabic.
Djingo will constantly learn from its conversations with our customers and evolve to offer new features.
Djingo also provides you the ability to inquire about Fiber network coverage, the location and business hours of the nearest Orange Shop, on top of providing support. In case of Djingo not being able to assist and give proper solutions, it will transfer your concern seamlessly to one of Orange Jordan’s customer service center agents.
Djingo of Orange Jordan is the result of a fruitful partnership with Arabot, one of BIG Season 3 startups

Orange Bot benefits:

  • Djingo understands both Arabic and English languages, it uses an Arabic NLP engine combined with machine learning in order to reach the needed levels of natural language understanding.
  • It is available at all times to provide information about our offers and services, and answer inquiries.
  • Through Facebook Messenger, Djingo provides a one-to-one conversation thread, personalizing your experience. It will be available through other channels soon.
  • Djingo learns, and constantly improves its skills, thus offering new features all the time. Every conversation with you will contribute to its evolution.


How it works?

Connect with Djingo

Using your mobile phone, open the Messenger app

Tap the people tab at the bottom of the page

Choose the option "scan with Messenger code" and scan the code below


You can access Orange Jordan Facebook page and tap on ‘send messages’ and you will start chatting with Djingo through Messeng

You can access Orange Jordan Facebook page and tap on ‘send messages’ and you will start chatting with Djingo through Messenger


Browse the main menu

The main menu follows the welcoming messages. It lists the most frequent items you need; such as locating the nearest Orange shop or checking the latest Internet offers.
At any point of the conversation, you can type "main menu" or "exit", and Djingo will list it again to support you.

Know more about a certain topic

If you browse a certain topic; Fiber for example, you will see that you have several sub items to help you know more about Fiber such as offers, coverage, rewards, and more.
So once you browse the first sub item; offers for example, you can type again Fiber so that Djingo can re-list the sub items for you, to learn more!

Have a question?

If you have a question; you want to know the latest handsets sold on our e-shop, then you can ask your questions directly and Djingo will guide you through a set of quick options in order for you to reach the right answer. At any point of the conversation, you switch the language Djingo uses by typing either "English" or "عربي".

Facing an issue?

In case you’re facing an issue with your services from Orange, just type "customer service" or "problem".
Djingo will then relay this information seamlessly to an agent from Orange Jordan’s customer service center to assist you. Once your issue has been registered, you will be routed back to Djingo to talk some more!