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5G Mobile Service

Activate better connections with our affordable 5G mobile bundles:

Bundle Price
5G service + 5 GB monthly** 3 JOD
5G service + 50 GB monthly** 5 JOD
5G Service + 50 GB for 1 Month* 5 JOD

* Bundle is valid for 30 days for one time (not auto-renewed)
** Bundle is valid for 30 days & auto-renewed monthly

  • Bundle price will be added to your monthly bill for post-paid offers, and deducted from your monthly balance for pre-paid offer
  • You can add the 5G mobile bundle through below channels:
  • Make sure you have the latest update for your device and the settings are configured on 5G network.
  • To be able to subscribe to 5G mobile bundle, your device should support 5G network. For more information on 5G supported devices & to buy a 5G supported device please visit our eShop   
  • Service is free for the following mobile post-paid offers: Orange 90, Orange 60, Orange 45, Orange 30
  • For jood lines, you can add and control the bundle through jood App
  • Limited time promotion