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Smart Life Package



Transform your home to a smart one with Smart Life - Super package that includes camera, plug, switch, IR remote to automate your home.

The installation and configuration service for the devices is available with the below details:

Package Items for Installation Installation Price (JD) Configuration Price (JD)
2 Switch  15 + 5 (if needs cabling) +10

In the event that the buyer does not want to install the devices through Orange team, customer needs to pick up the devices by himself as arranged with the shop (unless the customer purchased the package through e-shop) and Orange will not be responsible for any damage that occurs during the installation process if the devices are not installed by Orange team. Orange is obligated to provide a warranty on the device in respect of any malfunction or manufacturing defect on it and not resulting from misuse.

Smart life Price

Package Includes
  • 2MP Wi-Fi Security Indoor Camera (Quantity 1)
  • Smart Wi-Fi Plug (Quantity 1)
  • Smart Switch (Quantity 1)
  • Smart IR Remote Control (Quantity 1)

    Offer Includes: 

    2 MP Wi-Fi Security Indoor Camera  (Quantity 1)

    • Resolution: Full HD 1080P, 2MP
    • Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz
    • Infrared Night Vision
    • PIR motion sensor: Get an app notification when movement is detected in front of the camera.
    • Rotation angle: 355° degree till 90° degree

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    Smart Wi-Fi Plug (Quantity 1)

    • Plug Type: EU Smart plug
    • Voltage :100 - 240
    • Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz
    • Current:16 A
    • PC Flame Resistant Material

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    Smart Switch(Quantity 1)

    • Max Current: 16 A
    • Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
    • Number of outputs: 2-way
    • Time scheduling (Support timer setting & countdown)
    • Power Consumption monitoring

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    Smart IR Remote Control (Quantity 1)

    • Connection: Wi-Fi connected 2.4GHz
    • Infrared Control Direction: Multi-Directional 
    • Support Third party IR devices for learning
    • Power Input: DC5V/1A
    • USB Interface: Micro USB port charging

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    • The devices covered by the offer are guaranteed for one year.
    • Orange Fiber lines subscribers only are able to do monthly payments for the devices in the event of commitment for a period of 24 months.
    • The monthly payments for the devices will be added to the Orange Fiber bill.
    • If the Orange Fiber service is canceled / stopped for any reason, the subscriber will be required to pay the remaining payments of the commitment period.
    • Orange company is entitled to stop the service at any time in the event of cancelling the services of Orange Fiber or not making monthly payments.
    • Terms and conditions of services for the sale of Smart Life devices apply.
    • The Devices included in the package are not designed to be waterproof. 
    • The installation and configuration fees for the devices are limited to locations within Amman and its neighboring vicinity. For other areas, the fees amount might be changed.